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Tom Denford and David Indo from ID Comms: let’s get excited about media again

On this week’s #MediaSnack, Tom and David highlight the many reasons to be cheerful about media.

They discuss the year so far – including the ANA report and the over-charging scandal in Japan – and the impact these events are having on client attitudes to media.

Tom and David welcome the more strategic approach that many brands are taking to media, thinking about what they really need – including the way they work internally – rather than simply pitching for a better deal.

With that in mind they welcome the recent news that P&G have hired Gerry D’Angelo as global head of media, as a sign that brands are investing in media management again and are taking it seriously.

Finally, they look at the battle faced by new GroupM CEO Kelly Clark to keep WPP’s holding company at the top of the game.

Kelly and his contemporaries at the other holding companies face a new set of challenges in the next five years, not least in defending their businesses from the onslaught from management consultancies, adtech companies and from marketers looking to fundamentally re-design agency resources.

Responding to them may be painful initially but if they can adjust it will ultimately help them grow their businesses in new and exciting ways.

Tom and David argue that it’s time to replace the fear of the complexity of media with the excitement of the opportunity of media.

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