Desperados to take flight at 20,000 feet over Vegas

Desperados is a tequila-flavoured beer from Heineken (each to their own..) and it’s running an ‘Unleash your inner tequila’ campaign.

The latest instalment takes music festivals to new heights by creating what it calls the first zero gravity festival in the skies above Las Vegas and the Nevada desert with neuroscientist Daniel Levitin and DJ group Barong Family creating the “ultimate bass drop experience.”

Desperados global brand director Anna Bizon says: “20 years ago Desperados re-wrote the rules by brewing the world’s first tequila flavoured beer. We’ve been daring to do things differently ever since. Desperados Bass Drop is a chance to reach new levels of music and give some of our fans a truly unforgettable experience. It is a unique taste of the unconventional, disruptive nature of our brand.”

Can’t show it yet because it’s still to take wing – at least we hope it does. One thing’s for sure, the Desperados fans in question will need a drink afterwards.

Here’s the first one in the campaign, House Party Unplugged (below), with Desperados teaming with UK based DJ/music producer Riton and techno street-drummer Dario Rossi. They re-mixed Riton’s song ‘Rinse and Repeat’ using a house wired up to become a series of electronic musical instruments.

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