Wind has it both ways in new Ogilvy Milan film

Italian telecoms operator Wind ventures into the sticky waters of mobile phone etiquette with this new film from Ogilvy Milan, proposing that some things are experienced better without the aid of a mobile lense. Which is pretty rich coming from a telecoms operator.

Flashing mobiles do drive you nuts in restaurants and, as in this instance, theatres. But what’s in it for Wind?

Directed by Giuseppe Capotondi, it’s an interesting tale: at one moment showing happy flashing phone users, at others suggesting some moments are better experienced without them. Now if the teenager had gone and trashed everybody else’s phone in the theatre that would have been something. But not very useful for Wind.

We’re on the horns of a dilemma with this one. Does Wind look better than the opposition because it presents phones in a wider context?

Let’s be generous: just about.

MAA creative scale: 6.5.

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