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David Indo from ID Comms: The £100 million media boss

On this week’s #MediaSnack David Indo is joined by Gayle Noah, Media Director for L’Oréal UK & Ireland. As media guardian of one of the largest media budgets in the UK, Gayle is essentially the brand’s Chief Media Officer.

She is a huge believer in the importance of internal media leadership and suggests that any advertiser investing in excess of £10m in media should have dedicated media specialist resource in-house.

Gayle describes how she has gradually developed her own internal media team at L’Oréal, across the last six years, with analytical and digital performance capabilities becoming more and more important.

David ask Gayle what big media issue keeps her awake – it’s not transparency, she has confidence in the robustness of her agency contract and that she feels secure that L’Oréal interests are properly protected. Instead, Gayle explains that her greatest challenge is in identifying the key innovations and the areas where L’Oreal should place the big bets.

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