WPP’s Cavalry retreats into Y&R Chicago

WPP’s Cavalry, the Chicago agency it set up to handle MillerCoors, looks like it’s in full retreat, back to Y&R Chicago (also owned by WPP). Cavalry lost the MillerCoors business last year following a change of CMO three years after its formation.

At the same time Y&R Chicago president John Fraser, who joined from Mcgarrybowen, is out after just a year. He’s being replaced by Cavalry boss Marty Stock (below)marty-stock*750xx3694-2082-361-127.

The usual reason for accounts moving is a change of CMO although there are some notable exceptions – IBM in WPP’s stable for example – who do stay put despite personnel changes. New CMOs, though, seem to particularly dislike bespoke agency structures like Cavalry. Maybe because they miss the fun of reviewing agencies or keeping a roster of them on their toes. Which makes you wonder why agency owners like WPP do it.

WPP’s most famous ‘fail’ in this field was Enfatico, the agency it set up to handle Dell. That too was folded into Y&R.


  1. Y&R is turning into the Poisoned Dwarf’s dumpster. As you mention, Enfatico lasted less than two years, didn’t produce a single campaign and cost Sorrell multiple millions before being swept into a broom closet at Y&R. No wonder he makes the big bucks.

  2. Someone didn’t do their homework. Per Adweek, Cavalry replaced Miller with RJ Reynolds and remains a separate entity. Stock is running both shops.

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