Campaign hymns a ‘new breed’ of something or other in relaunch campaign from adam&eveDDB

Is there a campaign for the preservation of silos? There ought to be one as the poor things – defined as a structure for storing bulk materials, which sounds harmless enough – are being blitzed all over the place. In adland anyway.

Campaign magazine has revealed its big, new global identity – the first real rebrand since it launched in 1968 – absorbing Marketing magazine and replacing Brand Republic.

It’s still not entirely clear what was wrong with Brand Republic – Haymarket’s site that included Campaign, Marketing and Media Week (which disappeared as a magazine at least ten years ago) but, anyway, now it’s all Campaign. With Claire Beale now editor-in-chief and Rachel Barnes, former editor of Marketing, as editor (both below). Maybe the old regime was too silo-ish.


This rather winsome image, with the title ‘Meet The Parents,’ is from the launch campaign, by adam&eveDDB no less.

So is this, showing other such ‘parents’.

Not quite sure who they are but other lady featured seems to be Jenny Biggam of the7stars media agency.

Anyway, back to the point. Editor-in-chief Beale says that the business has changed with creative agencies doing media, media folk doing creative and some clients trying to do all or some of it without the benefit of agencies. And Google and friends eating everyone’s lunch.

That’s what we’re always being told and maybe it’s right. But if you look through WPP’s annual report, for example, you can see that good old advertising and media planning and buying still bring in most of the money. But maybe that’s last dibs in the last chance saloon.

Campaign (and A&E) say the new Campaign is for ‘the new breed.’ This is maybe stretching the rebirth theme a bit far – is what’s being produced a human or some kind of mutant? But you can say that about much of the output produced by the current marcoms free-for-all.


On a second look – where’s the news gone?

When I worked at Campaign in neolithic times furious admen used to say there were only two accurate things in/on it – the price and the date. Which we wore as a badge of honour. Times change..

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