W+K unveils ‘Bud Light Party’ for US election year

The most eagerly awaited new campaign of 2016 is Wieden+Kennedy’s debut for Bud Light and, as it’s an American election year, it’s going to be ‘The Bud Light Party.’

Client AB InBev has signed up joksters Seth Rogen and Amy Schumer (who seems to be everywhere at the moment) to front things. The first ad will be in the Super Bowl broadcast on February 7.

Here’s a teaser.

Looks promising. It’s a clever idea to produce a platform that goes through November’s election, also one that doesn’t major on the taste of the stuff. The election itself is likely to be far more entertaining (worryingly so, admittedly) if Donald Trump wins the Republican nomination. US politics have become so barmy in the era of Trump and recently-announced supporter Sarah Palin that Budweiser bosses have gone to some pains when puffing the campaign to point out that you can’t actually vote for the Bud Light Party.


But Rogen and Schumer could end up looking like the most credible candidates…

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