AMV BBDO turns to humour for Drink Driving campaign’s Xmas TV comeback

Drink Driving campaigns have been a feature of the festive season (haha) for decades now but it’s actually seven years since one appeared on the box.

Long serving agency AMV BBDO is returning to the fray this year with a new TV campaign, in partnership with the Department of Transport’s THINK! initiative.

And, instead of showing us screeching brakes and mangled corpses, it’s trying a humorous approach (although there’s still a bit of the former).

Apparently research suggest that 20 per cent of young men would consider driving after two or more drinks even though there’s evidence that such consumption doubles your chance of a fatal accident. Actually just one in five so-minded lads is probably pretty good.

Here we go then.

Yep, bigging up people who say no to another one is a good idea and the humour works. No doubt THINK! will tell us if this approach reduces fatalities.

MAA creative scale: 8.

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