Toys R US gets its retaliation in first in the upcoming Christmas ad wars

It isn’t even Halloween yet and already Christmas trees and the like are dropping into the inbox.

I wonder if Ebenezer Scrooge will send us his usual dyspeptic round-up of the UK’s Christmas offerings? Interesting that Eb’s observations about Morrisons last year seem to have resulted in the ad being nixed by YouTube.

First out of the traps this year appears to be Toys R US in the US with a campaign from BBDO Atlanta featuring Ken and Barbie driving around a store and then an emotional Christmas scene.

Here’s K&B.

And the ECS.

The line, as you’ll have seen, is ‘AWWWESOME’ which seems to be a shotgun marriage of Aah and awesome (wouldn’t entirely mind if ‘awesome’ was banned by the speech police).

Hmm. Well ‘tree’ isn’t bad.

MAA creative scale: 6.

Wonder what John Lewis has planned for us in the AWWWESOME stakes?

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