Flora departs adam&eveDDB for DLKW Lowe

‘Strewth, adam&eveDDB has lost an account.

101050-2TIt’s ‘only’ Flora, the Unilever spread, which has consolidated its UK account with DLKW Lowe (which handles it in most other markets) but it’s noteworthy all the same. And good for the new Mullen Lowe and the enlarged network’s Unilever supremo Helen Bell.

A&E hardly loses anything and when it does it usually picks up something else from the same client as it did recently with Sony, losing some Experia smartphone business but picking up the tie-in with the new James Bond film. And the agency has also recently been appointed to handle venerable Unilever soap brand Pears, which should be interesting if Unilever finds the money to do it properly.

Big clients like to have big agency rosters these days, of course (some small ones do too, bizarrely) and then they moan that they’re spending too much time and far too much money feeding all these eager mouths. Flora is no longer the big brand in the UK it once was and so parking it all at Lowe probably makes sense.


It seems that this is not exactly a new move – a while ago Unilever re-aligned health spreads including ProActiv into A&E and fanily ones – Flora and Becel – into Lowe. Health seems the biggest category.

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