WPP’s Sorrell puts creativity in its place

Here’s another interminable video (salut George) featuring Sir Martin Sorrell (sans luminous green this time, see below).

If you fast forward to just beyond halfway you’ll find him talking about ‘creativity,’ which he characterises as the world of Don Draper. He says that now ‘only’ accounts for about $4bn of WPP’s $20bn of revenue – ergo it’s not as important as it was in DD’s day.

Where’s the money then? Media, ‘data investment management,’ and digital. All of which, as Sorrell would happily agree, require creativity in some form or another.

Bit chilling if you’re a WPP creative agency though.


  1. Hmmm, why then does he spend so much time on the Croisette every June? Too clever by half, always chasing the next shiny object. This business needs more D.O., less O.L.J.

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