Wieden HQ exhumes Colonel Sanders for KFC debut

Wieden+Kennedy Portland has won the whopper Kentucky Fried Chicken account and, as you’d expect, has departed from the usual fast food menu – sort of.

It’s KFC’s 75th anniversary so the agency has decided to bring back the world’s most famous client, Good Ol’ Colonel Sanders himself.

The colonel is no longer with us, alas, so Saturday Night Live actor and comedian Darrell Hammond has been hired to impersonate him, reflecting on the difference between the world in his day and now. And the enduring qualities of KFC, of course.

It’s an unexpected – but pretty obvious – spin on the KFC story. Time will tell if it just makes the anniversary-celebrating client, Yum Brands, happy for a while or boosts sales for the long term.

Can’t see it playing as well in other markets, like the UK. So UK agency BBH, whose work could hardly be more different, can probably rest easy for a while. But you never know..

MAA creative scale: 6.5

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