Samsung launches Apple challenger S6 through Cheil – what happened to all those other agencies?

Samsung launched its new S6 Galaxy phones today – two variants, one with a curved screen (whatever that does) – and agency Cheil UK has signed up actor/comedian and now US chat show host James Corden to front some online films.

The problem for Samsung is that only a nerd would be bothered about these new and expensive features and Apple seems to have a global monopoly on the nerd market.

But Cheil does the job, as ever. Last year (or maybe it was the year before) Samsung had a big confab for all its various agencies in Seoul. Thousands turned up and various responsibilities were assigned.

But most of the ads still go through Cheil. Well, why not? It does the job.

MAA creative scale: 6.


One other agency on Samsung’s case is MDC’s 72andSunny, which has produced some good, Apple-knocking campaign in the US.

Haven’t seen their launch work yet but this is a trailer anticipating the S6-induced mania about to hit the States – they hope.

Complete rubbish. Why do clients ask agencies to do these things?

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