BBH enters the gaming universe with stake in European Gaming League

xpslcjBBH is going into the gaming business it seems, taking a share in European Gaming League (which describes itself as the home of European ‘eSports’) as well as doing its marketing and advertising.

EGL was established in 2010 by a group of gamers (including some former professional gamers). The aim is to turn gaming into a global sport to rival football and Formula 1. Esports viewership was estimated at 71m in 2013.

BBH will try to forge partnerships with brands to use the EGL platform to reach gamers as well as direct selling gaming products.

EGL joint managing director Neil Ghosh says: “EGL has created a unique eSports environment that delivers true value to our fans, players, partners and brands. Together with BBH we are excited to craft a bespoke place for our brand partners to engage and interact with Millennials across all platforms.”

BBH founder Sir John Hegarty (no doubt a mean gamer himself) says: “Esports is one of the most vibrant and rebellious sectors in the industry today, experiencing massive growth and interest amongst gamers and new brands. I’m looking forward to seeing what we can do to take EGL to the next level.”

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