Tesco tries to light up Christmas

Here’s the impossible Christmas number; a feel good ad for, possibly, Britain’s most unloved company.

So Wieden+Kennedy is proposing that ‘Tesco is here to help every step of the way.’

And it all fits with ‘Every Little Helps,’ the over-arching theme Tesco just can’t seem to escape from. But shoppers aren’t looking for a bit of help these days, they’re looking for something big and radical. In Tesco’s case, that’s coming from rivals Aldi and Lidl.

Hmm. So far this Christmas we’ve had winners from John Lewis, Harrods and Boots. Which leaves an awful lot of dross around.

Sainsbury’s is apparently planning something off-piste. We could use some of that.

Update 10/11/14

Apparently all this turning on lights stuff is because Tesco is planning light shows at some of its stores following a suggestion by a shopper in Wigan. Maybe it’ll help..

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