Saatchi’s love story for mystifying German gadget

Here’s heartwarming tale, ‘Love Sucks’ (pun intended), for the, wait for it, Vorwerk Kobold VR200. From Saatchi & Saatchi Dusseldorf.

See if you can work out what it does.

Saatchi Germany CEO Christian Ratsch says it’s an example of Saatchi boss Kevin Roberts’ ‘Lovemarks’ philosophy in action. Guess it is – although I wonder if ‘Lovemarks’ will be quite so prominent when European boss Robert Senior takes over from Roberts as global CEO next year. Saatchi staffers would breathe a big sigh of relief if lurve was consigned to the bin.

Be that as it may, it’s a very nice ad indeed. The Herb Alpert tune works well, as does Nat ‘King’ Cole warbling away in the new SSE ad from adam&eve.

Music in ads is rather like London buses used to be: you wait an age for one (genre in this case) then a dozen turn up at once. Adam&eve was largely responsible for starting the trend of winsome Brit girl singers in ads with Ellie Goulding for John Lewis back in 2010.

Will 2014 turn out to be the year of the lounge lizards?


Must be something in the water at Saatchi.

Here’s a satisfyingly bizarre (to Western eyes anyway) opus for Tetra Pak from Saatchi/Fallon in Tokyo.

Colonel Bogey Japanese-style indeed. Maybe it’s new global CCO Pablo Del Campo’s influence..

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  1. If it was inspired by Kev “I Always Wear Black” Roberts, the vacuum would be painted black, arrive by BA First Class, be cleaning out a suite at the Ritz Carlton, then moving on to a Rugby tournament somewhere exotic.
    Cheers/George “AdScam” Parker

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