BBH swaps ‘status for presence’ for new Audi A7

We’re being rather spoilt this morning, three cracking campaigns from three of the UK’s agency Premier League. Are budgets going up at last?

We’ve had Snickers from AMV and SSE from adam&eveDDB already, now it’s the turn of BBH for the new Audi A7 Sportback.

Jeremy Clarkson, about whom we’re not always kind (how many people were secretly disappointed the Argies didn’t barbecue him during his recent escapade?) can hit the nail on the head sometimes and a while ago he observed that you could tell what sort of people drove which posh cars.

Audi drivers were sure to be squash players, he said, middle-aged salary men trying to hang on to their youth. Audi ‘Sportback’ drivers surely come into this category; a sweeping generalisation admittedly but one which BBH is clearly trying to overturn here.

To further the point Audi is teaming up with The Economist (whose readers play ‘racquets’ rather than squash) to position the car as one for serious business folk (they’ll be blokes I suspect).

Kristian Dean, National Communications Manager for Audi UK national communications manager Kristian Dean says: “The new Audi A7 Sportback is an elegant, sleek and sophisticated alternative to the more traditional models in the executive sector. It is the saloon for today’s less status obsessed progressive executive. Our new ‘Presence redefined’ campaign mocks the outdated alpha-male business codes and emphasises a more modern philosophy which keeps Audi ahead of the pack.”

“Less status obsessed progressive executive” indeed. Sounds like me, where do I get one?

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