AMV brings back Mr Bean for Snickers ‘Kung Fu’ epic

More Snickers but this time it’s AMV/BBDO’s big budget campaign ‘You’re Not You If You’re Hungry.’

This campaign’s last outing was an ad featuring divas Joan Collins and Stephanie Beacham in the unlikely setting of a football changing room. Snickers owner Mars says it was the most recognised ad in the UK in 2013. It may have been thanks to the fame of a worryingly soft focus Joanie but it wasn’t very good.

This one, ‘Kung Fu Master,’ features actor and comedian Rowan Atkinson in his Mr Bean persona, Bean’s first appearance since the London 2012 opening ceremony. Actually the character Atkinson plays is something of a cross between Bean and his spoof secret agent Johnny English but AMV has pulled out all the stops, shooting the commercial in China, in Mandarin with English subtitles.

Mars claims Snickers is the world’s biggest chocolate bar brand so this is a global campaign, also there to promote the introduction of three new variants – More Choc, More Caramel and More Nuts.

These things are ads as showbiz and can easily fall flat; a painful experience when you’ve invested millions in taking over the X Factor as Mars did this past weekend. But this one doesn’t, thanks to the skills of director Daniel Kleinman of Rattling Stick, writer Richard McGrann and art director Andy Clough.

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