WPP tops ‘Global Greats’ list but post-merger Dentsu’s profits are roaring ahead

A new computation from Bob Willott’s Marketing Services Financial intelligence shows, among other things, that WPP is still top dog, that Omnicom’s revenues and profits are growing only slowly and, if you add their respective numbers together, Omnicom and Publicis would have been much bigger than WPP had their merger gone through – $24bn to $16.5bn.

The most interesting number though is Dentsu’s spectacular profit growth of 71.7 per cent on the year before – which presumably testifies to the benefits, nay joys, of merging with media buyer Aegis. $3.6bn looks cheap at the price. Wasn’t Dentsu making a profit before?

Bit surprised that MDC Partners, the owner of Anomaly, Crispin Porter and numerous other agencies doesn’t make the ‘global greats’ list but maybe its lack of a big media agency is holding it back. Here’s the top ten:

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  1. Publicis and Havas are from Europe, while WPP is from the United Kingdom? Seriously?

  2. One more thing: what is Meredith Corp doing on this list? Meredith Corp is a media company and its not a peer of WPP and others/

  3. As far as I understand the table abobe includes only revenue numbers therefore Dentsu growth is all about adding Aegis revenue numbers to its own.