FCB Inferno earns itself a star with debut NCTL campaign featuring Mr Burton from Educating Yorkshire

FCB Inferno, the latest attempt to add heft to Interpublic’s FCB brand in the UK, won the National College for Teaching and Leadership – which describes itself as ‘an executive agency of the Department of Education’ (whatever that means) – last November.

The point being to produce a campaign, ‘Your Future/Their Future,’ that raises the status of the teaching profession to attract high quality graduates. There’s already a private enterprise called Teach First (based on Teach America) that does this rather well but never mind.

Anyway FCB Inferno has produced a campaign starring real teacher Mr Burton from the successful Channel 4 documentary series Educating Yorkshire – and rather good he is too.

There are various digital bells and whistles including an interactive element inviting the audience inside the staff room to interact with the teachers, view interviews and watch them teach a class.

FCB Inferno digital creative director Tim Palmer says: “To appeal to the most talented graduates we needed to shift perceptions of the teaching career. Your Future/Their Future brings to life the highly competitive rewards on offer for teachers while highlighting the vital role they play in shaping the next generation. It really brings home the importance of a great teacher and it’s a campaign we’ve all been extremely proud to be a part of.”

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