Now Manchester United’s ‘class of 92’ become clients with a proper agency

Football really is taking and over the world and here are some of Manchester United’s famous ‘class of 92’ putting some of their stash to good use by opening ‘Hotel Football’ near to their old stamping ground of Old Trafford.

No David Beckham, also a member but who’s in a different sphere and keeps well away from Old Trafford following his stormy exit from the club involving a flying boot from Sir Alex Ferguson, but the Nevilles, Ryan Giggs (who still seems to be at Man U) and Paul Scholes. Scholes is interesting; once he was the one who didn’t say anything – ever – but now he’s all over the place; blogging for Paddy Power and on Sky.

The boys are also rich enough to employ the Work Club agency, now Havas Work Club following its sale to the French-owned network.

Rather different from the days when footballers opened a pub or sports shop. What’s the betting the Class of 92 eventually buy the club from current owners the Glazers?

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