Jam for Xbox, Rebekah Brooks, reasons why London admen should be wary of Scottish independence debate

***Engine Group’s social media agency Jam has just produced this rather good ad for Xbox featuring retired Manchester United and Netherlands striker Ruud Van Nistelrooy.

Maybe new and under-fire Man U manager David Moyes will get on the website and lure him back. He’s the best centre forward they’ve had in the TV era.

*** Rebekah Brooks has been in the witness box this week in the News International phone hacking trial. She says she didn’t know Glenn Mulcaire was busy hacking phones because there were so many stories an editor couldn’t check on the source of them all. One thing she also said, which was a surprise, was that when she was working on the features desk on the News of the World someone from the news desk cut her phone line to stop her getting a scoop. On the same paper? Who were these maniacs? And why?

***The ‘yes or no’ vote for Scottish independence comes up in September. Many of the ‘No’ supporters, a campaign led by former Labour chancellor Alastair Darling, are fretting that Al’s campaign, despite the interventions this week by George Osborne and co. saying that the ungrateful Scots won’t be able to keep the pound if they secede, is heading for the rocks.

So there’s an alternative campaign under way, involving some of London adland’s finest, to buttress the ‘no to independence’ campaign. The Scots can be a fairly ornery bunch – and who’s to blame them considering that lots of their bawbies have headed south and most of them never wanted the 1707 Act of Union anyway – so a new metropolitan interjection needs to tread carefully.

Look what happened to the Romans:

From Neil Marshall’s fantastic (much underrated) film Centurion.

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