Why the Mac’s 30th birthday is a cause for celebration

Happy 30th birthday Apple Macintosh – named after the famous Scots designer Charles Rennie Mackintosh I believe – which has, well, made things different and, mostly, better.

Here’s Apple tribute to its mould-breaking machine:

We all know that it really started to happen when Chiat/Day commissioned Ridley Scott to make his seminal ‘1984’ commercial to appear at the Super Bowl in the year the Mac was launched.

Actually it didn’t; it took about another 20 years and iPod and iTunes to make Apple a big consumer brand. So everybody, not just designers, started buying Macs.

But it was still a great product – and maybe the best ad ever.

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  1. Ah no, this is not right, the Apple Mac was in fact named after a type of apple, if the BBC website is to be believed: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/blogs-magazine-monitor-25826316