M&S, Helena and Rosie sparkle for Christmas

Well here we are then – Marks & Sparkle.

Heard CEO Marc Bolland on the radio the other day defending M&S’s less than sparkling non-food performance and, indeed, it’s possible that the embattled retailer is finally turning round its womenswear bit anyway.

And this Christmas ad from RKCR/Y&R? It’s a nice piece of film and uses its starry line-up – Rosie H-W, David Gandy (whoever he might be) and the always good value Helena Bonham Carter well.

Moves to the top of our best Christmas ads poll (so far) for me. Our other contributors may differ, of course.

Paul Simons adds

In the M&S Christmas TV work the best line is towards the end when Helen Bonham-Carter appears as the headless apparition, looks down at our heroine and says “Oh, love the shoes”. It’s a great return to normality after the romp through fairy tale land.

The camera pans down to a pair of red high heels and our heroine clicks her heels together.

As this production is via RKCR/Y&R I’m wondering if there is an in joke going on here? They also handle Virgin Atlantic and red shoes are a strong visual property of the airline; there is a shoe moment in one of the spots where one of the cabin crew standing on an aircraft’s wing takes off one of her red high heels and hops across the wing.

I bet M&S sell a lot of red high heel shoes this Christmas and the line “Oh, love the shoes” rings out in pubs and clubs across the land.

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