Giant posters work best says new blowUP research

A new study carried out by blowUP media has concluded that most people notice giant posters when driving through a city.

The ATLAS Study says that the probability of contact for this advertising medium is higher than 70 per cent. The average viewing time by passers-by was 3.6 seconds – more than most other OOH advertising media and more than the time spent viewing most ads in newspapers and magazines.


The research was conducted via simulated city centre drive throughs.

BlowUP media group marketing director Carolin Baumann says: “This study is crucial for the assessment of our large-format advertising medium and the results actually reinforce our experience. Giant Poster advertising provides huge benefits to brands – they receive a higher degree of attention and their sheer size allows for campaign images and messages to be communicated with greater emotion, which in turn leads to a more memorable campaign and a higher probability of purchase.”


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