Want to go viral? Robin Thicke has a traditional solution for Dr Dre Beats Pill speakers

Here’s rascally singer Robin Thicke (what a naff name is that) working his evil ways with impressionable young women in favour of Beats Pill, a range of speakers which seem to have something to do with rapper Dr Dre.

These ads have been banned in lots of places – ‘cos it’s pretty easy to see what Robin is up to. Finessing a fine tune probably isn’t one of them.

And Robin rose to even more fame with this performance at the VMAs with Miley Cyrus.

And here’s one of his own vids, the uncensored version of Blurred Lines.

How do you get a job like that?

Anyway, if you want to go viral this is what you do. Doesn’t have an awful lot to do with technology though, does it?


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