ITV enlists the Bard to plug soaps – and it works!

Hate TV soaps, just can’t watch them.

Think they force our perception of the ‘lower’ classes into a corner and we just carry on in the UK being a class-ridden, low opportunity option for most people.

But ITV does rather well out of these populist constructs and this is quite a neat ad plugging its repertoire, Corrie and Emmerdale and heaven knows what.

Rather cheekily it’s enlisted the Bard (aka W.Shakespeare) to make its case.

But that’s quite a good choice as Shakespeare’s status as the author of his plays and poems has been challenged recently by some numbskulls who think that someone who wasn’t an aristocrat (and, to be fair, about whom we know virtually nothing) could have written such amazing stuff.

So here we go. Soaps according to Shakespeare.

Good choice as intro isn’t it? “Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day?”

Arguably the best iambic pentameter in poetic history (ten syllables a line) and certainly the best chat-up line (it was probably to a bloke).

And for soaps!

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