Kabuto Noodles and 18 Feet debut improvised TV ad

New British brand Kabuto Noodles and agency 18 Feet & Rising have launched the UK’s first entirely improvised TV ad.

Kabuto, founded in 2011 by Crispin Busk, partnered with Viacom Media to secure ad space on TV channel Comedy Central and the ad, taking up a whole ad break, featuring four comedians from Mischief Theatre was transmitted last night (Monday June 17).

Kabuto founder Busk says: “We took a risk leaving our jobs to create something new and now we’re taking a risk with our first TV ad. We always wanted to do things that were fun and different so we’re really excited.”

18 Feet & Rising CEO Jonathan Trimble says: “Kabuto are about the tastiest noodles you can make in a moment – so trying to make an advert happen live in the same amount of time has proved hair-raising with all credit to the team at Kabuto for having the balls to go for it.”

And the verdict? Could do with a bit more work – but then it wouldn’t be improvised.

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