Now BBH tries relationship counselling for Robinsons in new TV campaign

Time was when most ads seemed to fix upon mother-daughter or, slightly less often, mother-son relationships but these days it’s dads in the driving seat.

We’ve had McDonald’s boyfriend fixing things with stepson over a Big Mac from Leo Burnett (a dad relationship of sorts) and VW Polo’s for Adam&Eve/DDB featuring father-daughter bonding. Watching some ads is a bit like undergoing relationship counselling.

Now BBH London is diving into these deep waters with this new ad, ‘Pals,’ for Robinsons, the fruit drink owned by Britvic that used to feature jolly tennis players in its ads.

“It’s good to be a dad, it’s better to be a pal,” it says. I’m not sure quite what I make of this.

It’s skilfully done and quite affecting. But is it Robinson’s job to advise us on such matters?

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  1. Hi Stephen,

    I saw this ad at the weekend and I must say I really enjoyed it. I have no children, but it struck an emotional chord with me think about the time when I do have kids.

    If I do the planner thing and attempt to unpick the strategy, then for me it’s about how there are fewer and fewer activities and brands where a dad can connect with his children over. Squash, and some of the fun that makes you need a squash after, still does that in my opinion. It’s a connector to the different generations.

    Anyway – I thought it was great piece of emotional content.


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