New McDonald’s TV ad shows how you can fix family relationships with a Big Mac

Leo Burnett in London continues to work small miracles for McDonald’s and now it’s moved on to fixing family relationships.

This McD as social worker film has the young Kes-type hero coming to terms with his mum’s new boyfriend thanks to a Big Mac. It could all be yucky in the extreme – but isn’t.

The creatives were Phillip Meyler and Darren Keff and it’s beautifully directed by Vince Squibb (himself a former star copywriter) for Gorgeous.

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  1. Who is the new boyfriend, I just can’t place him.

  2. Not 100% certain. But he looks a lot like a character called ‘psycho Paul’ from TV series ‘Ideal’.

  3. The new boyfriend in the ad is actor Ryan Pope who starred as “pscho paul” in the sitcom ideal

  4. Who plays the son as well?

  5. can anyone tell me the name of actor who plays the son? thanks

  6. Who is the woman who plays the mum?

  7. This advert just creeped me out. I was expecting it, almost until the last, to be an advert for the NSPCC about spotting and reporting paedophiles.

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