DLKW/Lowe’s new Marie Curie Cancer Care campaign takes charity ads to a higher level

We’ve often castigated charity ads here for loading on the misery with no light at the end of the tunnel but here’s one that does indeed have a light; albeit that it’s mainly about death.

Marie Curie Cancer Care cares for terminally ill cancer patients (not something the British are much good at for the most part) and this is to support its annual appeal.

By presenting death as something we should all be able to face with dignity and affection it breaks quite a lot of taboos in terms of what you (usually anyway) feature on screen. But death’s the second-most important thing in life after birth, so why not?

These days there are lots of ads that purport to do good, or praise the attempt to do so, and many are deeply unconvincing. But this is a magnificent effort, storytelling at its best, from DLKW/Lowe, creatives Ben McCarthy and Seb Housden and director Tom Tagholm for Blink.

A much more parochial gain is that it’s got a lot of people talking about advertising too.

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