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AMV brings back Mr Bean for Snickers ‘Kung Fu’ epic

More Snickers but this time it’s AMV/BBDO’s big budget campaign ‘You’re Not You If You’re Hungry.’ This campaign’s last outing was an ad featuring divas Joan Collins and Stephanie Beacham in the unlikely setting of a football changing room. Snickers ...

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Does John Lewis Christmas online success show that heart beats Hollywood?

John Lewis marketing director Craig Lidstone will be feeling pretty pleased with himself (and agency Adam & Eve) as his new ad, which aired on Saturday’s X Factor, sweeps all before it on Twitter and YouTube. Which makes the probable ...

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Is AMV’s Twinings ad a case of too much X Factor and Simon Cowell?

Advertising seems to be becoming an adjunct to the music business these days (soupy ballads by seeming preference although there are exceptions) and this ad for Twinings from AMV/BBDO is certainly no exception. It’s all beautifully done, as you’d expect ...

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