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Paul Simons picks his Desert Island Ads

The influences that began to shape my thinking started in university days with TV programmes such as Monty Python. New ideas were slowly creeping out and the migration to advertising didn’t take long. It was a period when the creative ...

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BT and AMV warm up broadband ads with ‘hotspots’

Over the years I’ve learned how to opt out of AMV/BBDO’s never-ending soap operas for BT broadband; however cleverly they’re done the notion of otherwise fairly human people devoting family/social time to discussing broadband speeds is just a leap too ...

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The march of the production specialists through ‘de-coupling’ threatens key ad agency revenue stream

The news about Tesco’s appointment of production company TagWorldwide alongside agency Wieden+Kennedy seems to have opened a window on a quiet revolution taking place behind the scenes in adland. The buzz phrase is ‘de-coupling’, which sounds a bit suspect, depending ...

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