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Giles Keeble: let’s see some real copywriting, algorithms!

It’s a strange world in which my computer now asks me to prove I am not a robot. I have written before about ads being written by AI (and the fact that they wouldn’t be worse than many of the ...

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Giles Keeble: does the Lexus AI ad takes us any further?

I have written about AI before, wondering whether ads produced by AI might be as good as, if not better than, many of the ads we see on our screens produced by humans. Well, Lexus and their agencies have now ...

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Giles Keeble: when is an advertising idea actually an idea?

“Nobody knows anything”- the late William Goldman’s famous words about the movie business. Does that also apply to advertising? Is advertising an art or a science? Of course, it’s a bit of both. As in science, you need to ask ...

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