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Food research claims big reduction in ads to children

Food manufacturers, retailers and fast food outfits have been under the cosh for years now (decades actually) for flogging unsuitable products to children via television advertising. Some opponents would ban such companies advertising in programmes aimed at children under 12 ...

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P&G Circles Up in search of better new products

The world’s big companies, of whom Procter & Gamble is clearly one, have buckets of cash but nothing to spend it on. Or nothing they’re willing to spend it on anyway. P&G CEO Bob McDonald has been under the cosh ...

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Domestos and Droga5 clean up after Phill the body

The world is awash with reality TV and, it would seem, reality ads (except in the UK). This is a tale of Phill Pace, a real Aussie bodybuilder, who eats a lot. It’s by Droga5 for Domestos. What’s the connection? ...

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Kraft and Droga5 trust Mel to work his magic for new snack bar Milkbite

They’re a pretty adventurous bunch at Kraft these days and arguably the top US creative creative agency at the moment, Droga5, is embarking on another prize assignment, new ‘healthy’ snack product Milkbite. Milkbite is a bar made of milk and ...

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Is Starbucks trying to turn into a wine bar chain?

Well not quite but the coffee giant has announced it is going to expand its move into selling wine, beer and ‘premium’ food to Atlanta and Southern California after a quiet trial on its home turf of Seattle and Portland. ...

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