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Isn’t it time ad agencies said to clients: we’ll do the work in the morning and then we’re off to lunch?

Which is hardly the way to operate in a merciless corporate environment – but does it produce better advertising and better agencies (albeit more drunk agencies)? I was reminded of this reading an interesting article in Ad Age about the ...

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IPA and News International launch app for adfolk

The UK IPA Strategy Group and News International are launching the industry’s first iPad and iPhone app, Fast Strategy, for planners and strategists. The free app has been designed to provide planners and strategists with “practical and motivational tips to ...

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How do you get clients to buy great work: truth or dare?

Some time ago one of the senior suits at Chiat Day was giving a speech where he said his mantra to account management was “Find out what the client wants, then find out what they need, then get them to ...

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