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Branston deal shows the pickle Premier Foods is in

Old food brands don’t die, they just get traded away. The latest to fall under the auctioneer’s hammer is Branston – sweet pickle, but also ketchup, mayonnaise and salad cream – which has been knocked down to Japanese relishes specialist ...

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Is AMV’s Twinings ad a case of too much X Factor and Simon Cowell?

Advertising seems to be becoming an adjunct to the music business these days (soupy ballads by seeming preference although there are exceptions) and this ad for Twinings from AMV/BBDO is certainly no exception. It’s all beautifully done, as you’d expect ...

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Nestle is on the prowl – but where will it spend its $28bn cash pile?

Swiss giant Nestle is still the biggest food company in the world but one of its main rivals Kraft just got much bigger with the successful absorption of £12bn Cadbury, in financial terms anyway, making it now the clear number ...

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