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Why £500m for Neymar is a PR investment

When people, and indeed whole countries, began investing mind-boggling sums in football and football players it seemed as though they’d gone mad. Maybe they had but the rest of the world of the world seems to have caught up with ...

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Who’ll be the first £1bn footballer?

Not sure yet but the odds are that he’ll be bought by Manchester United. The latest rumour is that United are prepared to pay Brazil star Neymar’s “release clause” at Barcelona (what a bright wheeze release clauses were on someone’s ...

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Murdoch snaffles Premier League mobile rights to boost The Times; Real Madrid breaks €500m barrier

Football saved Rupert Murdoch’s (part-owned) BSkyB from an early grave and now the ever-active media mogul (in his ninth decade) is hoping it can extend the life-support system for his British newspapers. His News Corporation company News International has secured ...

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