More woe for Manchester United as Bayern Munich overtakes it off the field as well as on it

You’d need a heart of stone not to laugh – on top of Manchester United’s problems on the field (last night they were dumped out of the League Cup by low-flying Sunderland, largely because the club’s expensive stars don’t know how to take penalties) it has been relegated from the top three in Deloitte’s annual Football Money League, by Champions League title holder Bayern Munich.

Deloitte Football Money League

1. Real Madrid: 518.9m euros
2. Barcelona: 482.6m euros
3. Bayern Munich: 431.2m euros
4. Man Utd: 423.8m euros
5. Paris Saint Germain; 398.8m euros
6. Manchester City: 316.2m euros
7. Chelsea: 303.4m euros
8. Arsenal: 284.3m euros
9. Juventus: 272.4m euros
10. AC Milan: 263.5m euros
Source: Deloitte, Revenues in 2012-13 season

Other English clubs in the top 20 places were Liverpool (12th) and Tottenham Hotspur (14th).

Paris Saint Germain has seen its revenues almost quadruple to 398.8m euros since 2010-11, including commercial revenues of 254.7m euros.

There’s a bit of a fiddle going on here, of course, Middle Middle Eastern-backed clubs like Manchester City and PSG booking sweetheart deals for the likes of stadium naming rights from their cash-rich owners as revenue. Even so, Man U, which still owns hundreds of millions in debt thanks to its less-than-munificent owners the Glazer family, does appear to be on the commercial slide although it has big sponsorship deals with Chevrolet and Aon (which is sponsoring its training kit, for some reason) ready to kick in.

images-7Unfortunate new manager David Moyes (left), who joined from Everton to succeed Sir Alex Ferguson, will probably cop it – despite his long contract.

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