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New Commercial Arts’ Ian Heartfield picks his Ad of the Year

Ad of the Year. Normally when people like me say it wasn’t a vintage year for ads, it’s because we’re making a point about the decline of great ideas and great craft, when in reality it’s just the fact that ...

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My pick of 2012: Follow the Frog, Wieden+Kennedy and Jerry Buhlmann

All right, league tables of achievement are as commonplace as turkeys right now. Why burden you with another one? Well, I’ve been asked to – by the good folk at More About Advertising. So: Ad of the Year. Yes, I ...

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My pick of 2012: Dollar Shave Club, Grey New York and Michael Dubin

Fearless Group co-founder Jerry Judge gives us his choices for ad/campaign of the year, agency of the year and person of the year. Dollar Shave Club There are still good campaigns in the US, in spite of all the dramatic ...

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