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New Commercial Arts’ Ian Heartfield picks his Ad of the Year

Ad of the Year.

Normally when people like me say it wasn’t a vintage year for ads, it’s because we’re making a point about the decline of great ideas and great craft, when in reality it’s just the fact that we’re another year older and another year grumpier.

When we say it in relation to 2021 however, I think unfortunately it is true. But I also think we need to cut ourselves some collective slack, you can’t expect a full year of a global pandemic not to have some kind of impact on what we all do.

But anyway, one piece of work sprung to mind that did genuinely grab me, make me smile, make me think and, shock horror, did make me want to buy something, or in this case watch something.

Is the fact that I chose a poster instead of a film or a clever activation idea another sign of a below par year for advertising? Or just a reminder that you can still move people with five words on some colourful paper?

Here’s looking at you 4Creative.

Ian Heartfield is a founder partner and chief creative officer of New Commercial Arts.

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