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Stephen is a former editor of Marketing Week and London Evening Standard advertising columnist. He wrote City Republic for Brand Republic and is a partner in communications consultancy The Editorial Partnership.

Sorrell takes the better, faster, cheaper mantra to CES

Is SMS about to announce another deal? He seems to be implying he will in this short video from The Drum at CES 2020 (my, the boy gets around) with some of his S4Capital lieutenants. Saying there’ll be more ‘misfits’ ...

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Can Sport England’s ‘This Girl Can’ do it all over again?

It’s five years since Sport England’s ‘This Girl Can’ helped to re-define the way women were depicted in ads – along with Unilever’s Dove – and the anniversary is marked with what we might call a reminder campaign from agency ...

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Apple bites into star appeal for China New Year iPhone epic

We expect China-set epics from Apple to kick off the New Year these days and it’s pulled out all the stops this year, an eight-minute tale of a lady taxi driver who takes her daughter to work (in a taxi.) ...

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Bud Light to join seltzer wars with Super Bowl blitz

So-called ‘hard seltzers’ are taking the US drinks market by storm – leader White Claw does over $1.5bn in sales – so everyone’s jumping on the bandwagon of these revolting-sounding combos of carbonated water, five per cent alcohol and various ...

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Ex M&C Chicourel joins Panczyk’s revival bid at Grey

One door opening when another closes has (nearly) always been the way in adland although one suspects there are quite a few people waiting for the next door to open as agencies – in the UK and US anyway – ...

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