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Labour and the Tories try out TikTok, with mixed results

Spending limits for the election campaign kick in soon, so the main political parties have been spending generously ahead of the deadline. On TikTok, Labour has 106,000 followers vs 32,000 for the Conservatives, although we won’t know until July 4th whether all the likes and follows will turn into actual votes.

Labour’s TikTok account is pretty entertaining, with posts varying from Cilla Black serenading 18 year olds destined for national service, to Sunak holding up the new England under 19s kit – a military-style top with “national service” printed on it.

Again from Labour we have Gemma Collins sending up the Tory right-winger who has gone off on his holidays during the election campaign, and another poking fun at the Tories’ who are systematically distancing themselves from Rishi Sunak.


Even his own MPs think Rishi Sunak’s plan isn’t working #generalelection #toriesout #ukelection #ukpolitics

? original sound – UKLabour

The Conservatives, predictably, are a little stiffer on social media. Rishi Sunak turns up to reassure the young people that they won’t have to join the army, then patronises them by assuming their feeds are usually “politics-free”. They have also wheeled out David Cameron to reassure us that Rishi will “restore pride and confidence in our country”.


This will change lives #nationalservice #generalelection #uk #rishisunak

? original sound – Conservatives

Meanwhile over on Meta and Google, data from online monitor Who Targets Me shows that Labour has been spending three times the amount that the Conservatives have spent so far, with a total of £36,549 vs £10,038.

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