Anomaly’s ‘Engineered for life’ puts Rimowa cases through their paces

German-made, LVMH-owned Rimowa suitcases have been around for 125 years, and here Anomaly London shows us why. They are made with a craftsmanship that guarantees them for life, and any problems can be always be repaired.

This spot does away with influencers like Mbappé and Lewis Hamilton who appeared in Rimowa’s last campaign. Instead Anomaly highlights the bond between travellers and their Rimowas as we see suitcases made, used-and-abused, repaired, and used again.

Emelie De Vitis, SVP product & marketing at Rimowa, said: “Behind every Rimowa case is a symphony of German engineering and the dedication of our community — the skilled artisans, passionate owners, and the meticulous repair technicians. Together, we create cases that aren’t just built for life, they truly become a canvas for the enduring spirit of those who journey with us,”

Camilla Harrisson, CEO, Anomaly London said: “’Engineered for Life’ is a testament to Rimowa’s dedication to providing travellers with a lifetime of exceptional journeys. Through this campaign, Rimowa speaks to consumers looking for a suitcase that is a reliable companion that can resist the passing of time and makes memories along the way.”

MAA creative scale: 6.5

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