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There’s still ad craft in the digital age: Tui, Lacoste, Lamborghini, Catena Malbec

With three quarters of the UK ad market now digital (and getting that way worldwide) agencies have to work hard to get opportunities to do rather more.

Here are four noteworthy efforts, one way or another.

Airline safety films are an opportunity for agencies to show their creative chops (as they say somewhere) and Leo Burnett has obviously had fun with this effort for holiday giant cum airline Tui.

Directed by Alicia MacDonald through Missing Link Films, written by Helen Rogerson, art directed by Owen Hunter Jenkins.

CCO Mark Elwood learned his spurs at Fallon, still basking in the success of BMW’s ‘The Hire’ long form films from the US. Thought it was a homage to them at first as the heroine drives off in a menacing big old Beemer.

It’s going to be a big year for tennis, particularly so for Paris Olympics host France, even though they don’t seem to win that much these days. Founded in 1933 by tennis player René Lacoste, Lacoste is still going strong and its crocodile symbol makes a diverting appearance in this from BETC Paris.

With French actor Pierre Niney, the campaign also features a gaggle of tennis stars including Venus Williams and Novak Djokovic (maybe Novak didn’t fancy hanging around on a set all day.)

Lamborghini, these days just as famous for Jeremy Clarkson’s giant tractor as juvenile petrolheads racing around Harrods, has a new hybrid and Dude London brings it to life with two hearts rather than one.

But why did Lambo decide to call it ‘Urus?’

It’s not all TV (or VOD) of course. Milanese branding firm Robillant is hymning 120 years or so of Argentinian winery Catena with a US Out of Home and social campaign featuring, inter alia, members of the family. Malbec transplanted to Argentina from France in the 19th century Phylloxera outbreak which almost wiped out the French wine industry. Now everyone tries to make it, of course.

MAA creative scales: all 7.

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