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The Room Service writers’ agency debuts with three AI Paris Hiltons

Three Paris Hiltons would be a challenge for most but here she is – past, present and future – courtesy of AI for her new tanning product.

The first work from creative Rob Hirst Hermans’ new agency The Room Service, a rival to celeb-owned agencies Ryan Reynolds’ Maximum Effort and Ben Affleck’s Artists Equity. Hermans (left) had the ideas for the agency when 11,000 screenwriters found themselves at a loose end during last year’s Hollywoood writer’s strike.

The Hilton effort, described as “when Barbie meets Bond,” is the work of Chuck Hayward (credits include Ted Lasso, Wandavision, Dear White People) and Glenn Boozan (Conan, I Love You America with Sarah Silverman, Home Economics, Borat Subsequent Moviefilm.)

Hermans says he wants to bring “Hollywood levels of entertainment to advertising. Brands are no longer competing with other brands, but Netflix, content creators, celebrities and TikTok feeds. Consumers want to be entertained, not sold to.”

We’ll spray tan to that.

MAA creative scale: 6.5.

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