Seinfeld gives Pop-Tarts yet another lease of undeserved life

Unfrosted is Jerry Seinfeld’s new Netflix movie, a fitting testimony to what, at the time, seemed one of the daftest (and unhealthiest) products ever invented – Kellogg’s Pop-Tarts. Bizarrely they’re still with us.

From back in the days when Pedigree Chum brand managers supposedly ate the product in front of customers to show how wholesome it was. Then the ad-driven brand assumed a status close to a religion, memorably recalled in numerous episodes of Mad Men – especially the one where Roger Sterling and co. cough away loyally in a smoke-filled presentation to a tobacco company.

Kellanova (as Kellogg’s has become) had nothing to do with the film and, rather than reaching for lawyers, signed up Jerry for a spoof commercial. From Publicis’ Le Truc.

A big company with a sense of humour? Laced with opportunism, natch.

Brilliant: MAA creative scale: 9.

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