Mother drags up in Berlin and is ‘Never still’ in Shanghai

In the construction industry, the bias is barely even unconscious: it’s a place where men are men, and they earn 43% more than women.

Mother Berlin is turning all this upside down for tradeswomen’s collective TaskHer. The “Trade Places” campaign features women dressed up as men to talk about their experiences in a bid to raise awareness of the discrimination they face.

It’s hard enough to find a decent tradesperson, without cutting out half the population from the profession. This campaign might just make a difference.

Over in Shanghai, Mother has launched a new ad in its “Never Still” campaign for luxury suitcase brand Rimowa. It features a custom score by composer Hans Zimmer (who’s won Oscars for his work on Dune and the Lion King) and stars Taiwanese musician Jay Chou performing a duet with a piano player at London St Pancras.

MAA creative scale: 6.5 for both

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