Domino’s goes for lunch market and offers a ‘high four’ to celebrate

VCCP’s new Domino’s campaign is all about the pizza company’s £4 lunch deals. The yodelling sonic trademark has ceded centre stage to a new “high four” gesture (like a high five but without the thumb) that gets the message across and provides a focus for the ads.

KFC and Mother recently went big on lunch with an ad for its new wraps, designed to be eaten on the job. Domino’s lunchtime menu revolves around the Hot & Cheesy Wrap and the Cheeky Little Pizza, which get customers raising a celebratory “high four” to anyone within easy reach.

Harry Dromey, marketing director at Domino’s, said: “We’re looking to steal our competitors’ lunch. There’s considerable headroom for us to grow during the day, and the £4 lunch menu gives consumers what they have been asking for; a freshly made, piping hot lunch, at a competitive price. High fours to VCCP for another cracking campaign. Let’s hope it works as well IRL as it did in consumer testing.

David Masterman, deputy ECD at VCCP London, “A Domino’s for four quid; surely the stuff of dreams? We needed to celebrate this crazy lunchtime value in a way worthy of the brand”.

Should help to steal a bit of lunchtime custom off Gregg’s.

MAA creative scale: 6


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