Carlsberg goes global with ‘the best things come to the curious’

Here’s another of the those new brand platforms we all love so much, ‘The best things come to the curious’ from Fold7 for Carlsberg.

The object being to “future proof the brand by by uniting consumers around the idea that many of the best things in life – ideas, beers, music, nights out, inventions – share one thing in common: they all begin with a spark of curiosity.”

Global brand director Lynsey Woods says: “This campaign is rooted in the insight that we can push the boundaries of progress with curiosity, something that is intrinsic to our core values at Carlsberg. Our founder JC Jacobsen’s mantra was ‘Semper Ardens’, Latin for ‘always burning’.

“Today, over 177 years later, we are still using our curiosity to push the boundaries of brewing beer through science, whether that’s finding new ways to reduce the energy and water needed in the brewing process, or developing crops which can tolerate a more extreme climate. We want to show people that we can all reinvigorate our curious side, and we hope the campaign does just that for beer drinkers across the world.”

Fold7 ECD Dave Billing says: “Carlsberg has a long and enviable legacy as a true entertainer, with a history of iconic advertising stretching back decades. With this campaign we hope we’ve done justice to that legacy, showcasing Carlsberg’s trademark wit, sense of fun and cinematic flair for a whole new generation of drinkers.”

‘Probably the best beer in the world’ is actually a pretty good “platform” (it’s still here), arguably the best from a vintage era of beer advertising that also boasted Heineken refreshes the parts, Bet he drinks Carling Black Label, Reassuringly expensive for Stella and Good Call for Foster’s.

All the product of extensive, data-driven research, of course, as their proponents spent many a day down the pub. “Interrogating the product” as one agency had it.

This is promising but could do with a bigger canvas for a global campaign.

MAA creative scale: 6.5.

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